№1 alternative for steel, wood, aluminum.

GRP structures are widely used in construction, industries, road infrastructure.

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Why GRP?

GRP is ideal for assembling structures like platforms, ladders, fences. If you've been looking for alternatives to steel, wood, and aluminum, here are four reasons why you should choose glass-reinforced plastics for your projects:

Resistant to water and chemicals

Operates in conditions of constant contact with water and chemical environment


GRP is a dielectric, as well as transparent to radio frequencies and radio waves

Withstands up to +150°C

GRP can operate at temperatures from -100°C to +150°C

Easy to install

GRP profiles are 70% lighter than steel ones and can be connected with bolts and rivets

It won't rot and rust

A unique property of this material is a resistance to aggressive and adverse conditions.

The color is set at the production stage, so composite structures do not need to be painted and retain their aesthetic appearance throughout the entire service life.

Композитний і металевий профіль - порівняння


ARMASTAR is a Ukrainian manufacturer of glass-reinforced plastics profiles of various geometries. We offer individual selection of profile colors and lengths.

Delivery conditions, color and edition depend on the specific order

Structures examples

Prefab GRP structures for cooling towers, railways, urban infrastructure, construction

Оглядовий майданчик з композиту для градирні


For cooling towers and other industrial facilities

Композитна драбина для евакуації


For evacuation or emergency access to premises

Композитні стійки, столи з композиту для сонячних панелей

Racks for solar panels

For private and corporate solar power plants

Огорожа, паркан з композиту


To restrict/limit areas or zones

Поручні безпеки з композиту

Safety handrails

Demarcation of safe and dangerous zones at the facilities

Залізнична платформа з композитних профілів

Railway platform

For railway infrastructure


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about ARMASTAR products

Glass-reinforced plastic (or GRP) is a strong, lightweight and modern material, resistant to corrosion and decay. Its UV resistance and mobility make it an ideal alternative to traditional materials like steel, wood, and aluminum.

GRP profiles 70% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminum, making them convenient to use and cost-effective for transportation.

GRP profiles are connected using mechanical means such as bolts or rivets requiring only standard tools and a small number of workers.

During production, a special additive is included in GRP profiles to make them UV resistant.

GRP profiles exhibit high corrosion resistance in high humidity and excellent chemical resistance in various aggressive environments, making them economically advantageous compared to standard materials.

Considering its properties and potential usage conditions, the warranty period for GRP profiles can be up to 50 years.

While the initial cost of GRP profiles is comparable to metal counterparts, lower installation and operating costs along with their durability offer significant economic benefits.

GRP profiles maintain their physical and mechanical properties between -100°C and +150°C.

The thermal conductivity of GRP profiles is over 50 times less than that of steel, allowing for comfortable use in various temperature conditions.

Armastar GRP profiles are manufactured using the pultrusion method, which involves an automated process of pulling fiberglass-reinforced GRP through a heated die. Production facilities are located in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region, Ukraine.

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